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Would You Always (Dan/Blair mix)

Would You Always
A Dan/Blair Mix
15 songs, 60 minutes.

Merry Christmas Bbs! This mix is brought to you by copious amounts of artichoke parmesan dip and the Vampire Diaries and half a bottle of sparkling wine, woooooooo! And you know, my FEELINGS for Dan/Blair.

This mix is kind of what I imagine (i.e. WISH) would happen to Dan and Blair all alone on winter break-- starting out kind of angsty and having a tentative friendship while they're moping about Chuck and Serena, and that starts turning into something more. Something more that they don't want to happen because WHAT WILL THEIR FRIENDS SAY?

If I could write Dan, I would've already written this fic for you instead of this terrible summary.

1. Two Weeks—Grizzly Bear
Save up all the days, a routine malaise, just like yesterday, I told you I would stay.
Would you always, maybe sometimes, take it easy, take your time

2. What Ever Happened—The Strokes
Oh that's an ending that I can't write, 'cause I've got you to let me down.

3. These Days—Nico
And if I seem to be afraid to live the life that I have made in song, it's just that I've been losing so long.

4. Elevator Love Letter—The Stars
I'm so hard for a rich girl, my heels are high, my eyes cast low
And I don't know how to love, I get so tired after midday, lately
I take it out on my good friends but the worst stays in

5. It Ain’t Me Babe—Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon
You say you’re looking for someone, never weak but always strong
To protect you and defend you whether you are right or wrong
Someone to open each and every door but it ain’t me, babe.

6. Pictures of Success—Rilo Kiley
I've had it with you and Mexico can fucking wait and all of those French films about trains.

7. Best Supporting Actor—One for the Team
The lead role can go just right upon my shoulders, I can be the back story, chalk full of backbone and literary prowess

8. Specialist—Interpol
If I get there early will it be the right time, our heaven is just there waiting so put your hand into mine

9. Coming Home—Dirty Money
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday, I'm coming home

10. This Modern Love—Bloc Party
You've been trying to reach me, you bought me a book

11. Creature Fear—Bon Iver
so many foreign worlds (so relatively fucked) so ready for us

12. Kelsey—Metro Station
I'd swim the ocean for you, but you never let me in (let me in)

13. I am a Pirate, You are a Princess—Playradioplay
Is there a hole in your heart or am I mistaken?

14. Brand New Colony—Postal Service
Start a brand new colony where everything will change, we'll give ourselves new names (identities erased)

15. 12:59 Lullaby—Bedouin Soundclash
It's silent in the early morning the only sound is my breathing
as I lay awake not knowing where it will be I'm going.

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Tags: author: lingeringnight, fanmix: gossip girl, pairing: blair/dan
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