December 25th, 2010

[wh] carry you across state lines

Would You Always (Dan/Blair mix)

Would You Always
A Dan/Blair Mix
15 songs, 60 minutes.

Merry Christmas Bbs! This mix is brought to you by copious amounts of artichoke parmesan dip and the Vampire Diaries and half a bottle of sparkling wine, woooooooo! And you know, my FEELINGS for Dan/Blair.

This mix is kind of what I imagine (i.e. WISH) would happen to Dan and Blair all alone on winter break-- starting out kind of angsty and having a tentative friendship while they're moping about Chuck and Serena, and that starts turning into something more. Something more that they don't want to happen because WHAT WILL THEIR FRIENDS SAY?

If I could write Dan, I would've already written this fic for you instead of this terrible summary.

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